Kirtland Air Force Base, Albuquerque, New Mexico,

January 2010, Photo by Kiki Gonglewski


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 There are only two revolutionary weapon systems in the entire DOD budget: the F-22 and the Airborne Laser. There are no others.’

 General Ronald R. Fogelman, Former Chief of Staff, USAF


At the dawn of the 21st Century, science fiction depicted lasers as a standard weapon of future warfare.

 In fact no laser weapons existed.


 Who, then, will be The First Laser Warriors?

 What will be their story?





 The First Laser Warriors, Airborne Laser,  an insider's military thriller on the creation of the first directed energy weapons system, ongoing right now in America's technical officers' corps. This is just the thriller, leaving out some of the personalities and processes of the technical civil service, life in the Air Force, and Directed Energy technology.

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 Catchers in the Sky, Mission: Korea, is the author's edition, written under the pen name of Jonathan Damien, with the thriller supported by additional story on life in the USAF technical civil service, its research laboratory, the AFRL, Technical Treaty Operations, and North Korean political and security institutions.

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    In the first novel to portray realistically the dawn of Directed Energy warfare, two fascinating worlds collide. One world is that of the USAF military scientists struggling to bring into being the first laser weapon in history—a weapon whose only function is defense. The second world is the Korean DMZ, the most militarized place on Earth, where massive armed forces, balanced like giant tectonic plates, await the slightest tremor triggering the earthquake of a war.

    From inside the world of the race to field a boost-phase laser missile defense shield—the world of Airborne Laser and its skilled and rambunctious crew—a master of tech weaponry and conventional arms spins a plot driven by high action and low politics, yet from a perspective only a Pentagon insider could have.



Praise for The First Laser Warriors, Airborne Laser



"A great read! This story could have been taken directly from today's headlines. It has everything: adventure, combat, humanity, fanaticism, and provides a unique look into one of the world's most dangerous nations North Korea."


Joseph S. Bermudez, Jr., Senior Analyst Jane's Information Group, and author of "North Korean Special Forces," and "The Armed Forces of North Korea."



"This is an exciting adventure story, illustrating the changes which Directed Energy may bring to modern warfare. The book painlessly educates the reader on the basics of Directed Energy warfare and slips in some geo-political concerns about the complex Korean environment.

Read it - you will enjoy it and learn a lot."


 George B. Harrison, Maj. Gen., USAF (Ret)

Director, Strategic Initiatives, Georgia Tech Research Institute



"This fast -paced novel reads like an authentic series of situations reports about a reality that could erupt any day on the Korean Peninsula."


 Dr. Kenneth Quinones, Clinton's U.S. State Dept North Korea Desk, and author of "Understanding North Korea (The Complete Idiot's Guide)"




ABL News: A Historic Day, 11 February 2010, was the first Airborne Laser Shoot-down of a Theater Ballistic Missile.


Links: "Peace Through Light!" , The Christian Science Monitor's Reporting, More videos, Dr. Strangelove humor...





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